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Today electronics plays a very important role in all the fields of activities, making work easier, saving time and money, and above all ensuring accuracy and precision. Having more than 10 years of experience in the field of software development easy-system offers high quality services to companies that do not have their own specialists who are able to fulfill all the tasks connected to automation.e tasks connected to automation.

The systems used:
As for the field of automation, the use of a certain program development system depends on the type of the PLC installed.

the program development system for PLC like Schneider Electric. It’s possible to use the structured or ladder programming language.

Cx-programmer:the program development system for PLC like Omron. The programming is realized using the structured or ladder programming language.

Woodworking equipment

Automatic transfer:
It satisfies any requirements of handling and positioning the panels.

Loading\unloading device:
UIt is used to load or unload panels.

Automatic tilting device:It’s an automatic device to tilt the panels in horizontal as well as in vertical plane.

Sacking equipment

The system of balances for weighing material that will be sacked.

Sacking machine:
It is used to seal the sacks with material that has been weighed on the scales

Visual control systems

Programming of visual control systems presupposes creating software that will be installed on the control computer and that will manage and control the equipment or processing lines.

The systems used:
C++ builder (Embarcadero). It is one of the best and preferred programming systems known for its efficiency, reliability and flexibility.