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Aircon Modbus - Bulding Automation

Set the right temperature with just one click:
The AIRCON program (Artificial intelligence Rhoss Controller) is used to manage the climate control system by means of easy graphic interface.

Total control directly from your PC:
The main advantage of the system is total control of the equipment that allows you to manage single devices and machines directly from your PC.

The Aircon program allows you to set the temperature and the turn-on time of the system as well as of its single elements. Moreover, the settings will be always active, which means total control of the system at all times.

Do not overpay:The Aircon program allows you to avoid excessive electricity bills if the climate control system or its elements were switched off for some time. Besides Aircon controls the turn-on times, thus monitoring power consumption.

Malfunctioning and maintenance under control:
The Aircon program means security, safety and reliability. In case of malfunctioning the system identifies the source of trouble making troubleshooting effective and reducing to minimum the time of intervention. Moreover, the system will notify you about the necessity to carry out maintenance (for example it can warn you that it’s time to replace filters, etc.).