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GSM System Automation (G.S.A.)

G.S.A. (GSM System Automation) is a control system that allows you to manage your domesticappliances by means of gsm-communication.

Installation of the G.S.A.(GSM System Automation) allows you to control and manage your house at any time, wherever you are.

What you may do with it:
1) Send messages when inputs or outputs status change or when the probe temperature is over specific threshold
2) Call for a numbers list, verify if the phone is on (without cost) and send alert messages
3) Planning a small PLC logic to set or reset outputs depending on the state of the inputs
4) Become a open-gate controlled by a phone call (without cost)
5) Switch a bistable pump with a phone call (without cost)
6) Become a daily and weekly programmable thermostat controlled via GSM

Technical specifications:
- power supply 220 V AC
- 4 isolated relay outputs
- 4 optic isolated inputs 12\220V, expandable
- 4 analog inputs for temperature sensors, expandable

- inputs state reading by means of SMS
- outputs state setting by means of SMS
- data and time management
- system programming via SMS
- system programming by means of PC

Operation and use:
It’s very easy to use G.S.A. You send a message with a special signal that activates or deactivates various output ports, to which the desired domestic appliances are connected. Besides, the system is equipped with an internal timer that can be set automatically according to the schedule.

Thanks to ordinary sms you can manage your domestic electric appliances wherever you are just using your cell-phone

The system allows you to combine various management functions in one control device.

You can adjust the temperature in your house and create a comfortable atmosphere on your arrival.

This system is ideal for those who want to feel safe at any time. It will warn you if your house alarm system is activated in case of house-breaking in, gas leak or fire.

The total control of all the systems allows you to set the turn-on time of different devices and appliances, thus you save money paying less for electricity, water and gas.

Thanks to a great number of interface possibilities you can manage your G.S.A. system directly from your PC

The system is connected to the desired domestic appliances (it is recommended that the installation is carried out by qualified specialists: electricians, technicians, etc.). To meet the clients’ special requirements our company also offers the possibility of individual programming on request. Moreover, skilled users who would like to program the system on their own have at their disposal Sdk libraries.